Other @-rules

Stylus have a basic support for braceless syntax for most of the CSS @-rules, like @viewport, @page, @host, @supports and others:

  color: #00f

@supports (display: flex)
    display: flex

@page :blank
    content: none

Would compile to

@viewport {
  color: #00f;
@supports (display: flex) {
  div {
    display: flex;
@page :blank {
  @top-center {
    content: none;

Unknown at-rules

Stylus supports any yet unknown @-rules, so it is future-friendly, as any new at-rules in CSS could be written in indentation-based syntax of Stylus and would be rendered perfectly:

    width: 10px

      height: 10px

Would be compiled to

@foo {
  @bar {
    width: 10px;
    .baz {
      height: 10px;
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